Sweet catharsis. Inspired by @nikkilounoel
  1. Will never, ever stop making me laugh.
  2. @brittscott will randomly send each other Sims memes, this one is a keeper
  3. Because I didn't want to forget the dates @tombatten
  4. @erikaaa leaving this here...
  5. My own Snapchat is basically all this.
  6. Another gem from @erikaaa
  7. This is from @p's list from the beginning of October when I first joined List!
  8. Always useful
  9. Erikson's stages of psychosocial development because I am me.
  10. This was from September when I didn't even know @roaringsoftly! Not that I KNOW her now, but.. You get it.
  11. Veep, always and forever
  12. I really love pancakes
  13. Top starts with Men's Issues:
  14. Rape memes are my thing I guess
  15. I.... don't know