@brittscott and I thought of this. Here's who is on my shit list.
  1. Donald Trump
    He's a hater and a loser.
  2. This chick who ruined my friend's party company.
    She stole the clients and spread lies about my friend. She's my arch nemesis.
  3. The barista at Starbucks who always thinks I'm lying about having a free drink.
    It says so right here, why are you so skeptical? I only want a grande blonde roast coffee with room. I don't want a trenta frappacino. I GOT AN EMAIL ABOUT THIS.
  4. A professor of mine
    She thinks she's such hot shit. But she's NOT. Also she's terrible at understanding what I mean. And she laughed at me when I cried one time.
  5. This kid Tim from elementary school.
    He was my friend at first then started talking about my tits to his other friends. I developed boobs really early! I was so self conscious of them! He would look at me in class and just STARE at my boobs. THIS IS RAPE CULTURE!
  6. Bevvers from Broad City
    Just go home already dude. You're the worst.
  7. My moms cousin
    CONSTANTLY posting on FB about hating Planned Parenthood and loving guns and Trump.
  8. My ex boyfriend Trevor
    He was an awful dude. He told me I wasn't fun, or pretty, or smart. I believed him because I was terribly insecure. He cheated on me with his ex, and justified it by saying I wasn't attractive enough. Seriously, fuck that dude. He's married now and I feel so sorry for his wife!
  9. The guy who cut me off earlier today
    Y r u so mean?
  10. The old lady who took 10 samples for herself at Costco
    I was incredulous.