I don't keep up with blogs nearly as much as I used to, but here are some IG accounts and others that I enjoy.
  1. I Have This Thing With Floors
    Tile floors. That's it. It so pretty.
  2. My brother's IG
    He should be on List, he's made for it. He posts trippy things and it makes me love him even more. NSFW though FYI...
  3. moonassi
    Or Daehyun Kim. He's a Korean artist who does beautiful (and scary) black and white illustrations.
  4. Deth P. Sun
    I bought one of his shirts a really long time ago and have been in love with his art ever since.
  5. Jeannie Phan
  6. Laura Berger
  7. Melissa Castrillion
  8. National Geographic
    They post super interesting pictures, usually with a story behind them. Like this one, a bear coming out of hibernation and stoked to devour a recently deceased bison!
  9. but this one is cuter I guess
  10. Duuurhhhh!
  11. Design Sponge
    Has pretty design stuff.