1. Everything Is Awesome: The Lego Movie
    🎶Everything is awful! Everybody sucks and should go suck a dick. Everything is awfuuuuulllll, because it's an election year. 🎶
  2. Complicated: Avril Lavigne
    🎶Why'd you have to go and tell him I was constipated? I've seen the way you laugh at my digestive issues and it's getting me frustrated. 🎶
  3. My Heart Will Go On: Celine Dion
    🎶My car, wherever you are. I will push the panic button for hoooouurrss. 🎶
  4. Piano Man: Billy Joel
    🎶Sing us the song of the MRA man, sing us a song tonight. We're all in the mood to be seething, and they're surely trolls alright🎶
  5. All About That Bass: Megan Trainor
    🎶Because you know I'm all about that mace, bout that mace, no assault. I'm all about that mace, bout that mace, no car keys. 🎶
  6. Part If Your World: The Little Mermaid
    🎶I wanna be a YouTube celeb, I wanna see, wanna see that cash flow. Please subscribe to my, what's the word... Channelllll. Up where they vlog, up where they do complicated make up tutorials, up where they stay all day in their pajaaammaaaas. I wanna be... Wish I could be... YouTube celebrity. 🎶
  7. Hello: Adele
    🎶Cello, it's a bass. I've been quoting School of Rock and it's become my life completely. Even though Jack Black is grating. I still think Miranda Cosgrove stole the show from everybody.🎶
  8. Oops, I Did It Again
    🎶Oops, I killed your cat. It was under my car, and I ran over it. Oh baby, baby. Oops, you think that I'm lying, that it's a practical joooke. I'm not that intelligent. 🎶
  9. Single Ladies: Beyoncé
    🎶All my single puppies, all my single puppies, all my single puppies, all my single puppies. Now put your paws up! Up at the dog park, workin' on my big bark, sniffing this poodle's ass. Now I'll chase the ball, maybe eat some grass, 'cause my tummy hurts from eating shit. 🎶
  10. Fat Bottomed Girls: Queen
    🎶Fat bottomed squirrels you make the rockin' world go round🎶
    Suggested by @13spencer