Inspired by @combatdavey
  1. People who call EVERYONE their best friend
  2. People who only read books because there's a movie made about them
  3. People who don't watch TV, and make it a point to say they don't own a TV
  4. People who make their kids hug random people.
  5. Chris Brown
  6. Holocaust deniers
  7. People who say global warming isn't real
  8. People who love Fifty Shades of Grey and think that that's real kink
  9. Olives
  10. People who pronounce chipotle "chi-poh-tal"
  11. Poor tippers
  12. People who shame others for being what they cannot change or do not want to change
  13. People who clap after a plane lands
    IM LOOKING AT YOU @erikaaa (just kidding you're my favorite fucking person in the whole wide world).
  14. Homophobes
  15. People who are way too into AMURICUH
  16. Everyone who thinks Nickelodeon is better than Disney
  17. Anti-choicers
  18. Victim blaming mother fuckers who ask what the victim was wearing or if she/he/they was drunk
  19. Know it alls
  20. People who write "defiantly" when they mean "definitely"