1. Going to the movies alone.
    This is 100% my very favorite thing. Going to the movies in general is like YES YES YES YES YES, alone? YYYYYEEEEESSSS. However, I'll never turn down a movie date with another person (especially if it's a shitty movie that I can make fun of).
  2. Good, hot coffee.
    Too often I settle for Starbucks. It's right by my house and just easy to get to. BUT I hate settling for it. I live in a city with fantastic coffee, I just need to take advantage of it more. That first sip of hot, good coffee makes me want to weep.
  3. Getting home, taking off my pants, turning on the tv, and just being alone.
    I swear I have friends. But I'm in my happy place when I'm cozy and alone at home.
  4. Haribo gummy bears
    Favorite non-chocolate candy. These bb bears give me so much joy.
  5. Finding perfect journal articles for a paper.
    Most of the time you have to dig through articles that don't really fit what you need. But when you find the perfect ones, you hold onto them. I've been in school for a really long time you guys...
  6. New pens, using the new pens on a crisp notepad.
    Might as well be having an orgasm.
  7. When it's early early morning and for some reason you have to be out of your bed (which I hate) but everyone is quiet and kind of smiley and cute because it's morning. It's like a special morning bond created between strangers.
  8. Seeing something so wonderfully and amazingly awkward or hilarious and looking at someone you're with, knowing they see it too, and just losing it.
    Or if you're not with anyone, but you make eye contact with a stranger about it and they know what you're thinking. Too good.
  9. The feeling after I work out.
    Actually motivating myself to work out, then working out, is awful. But after is 🙌🏼
  10. Seeing a good friend you haven't seen in a while, and jumping into where you left off.
  11. Laughing until I snort a little (coke...jkjk).
    You know I'm having a good time if I snort when I laugh. Not a lot, but just enough to let you know that it happened.
  12. Finishing a heartbreaking book, closing it, then sitting in the aftermath of what you just read.
    I've had countless moments where I sit in that space, in awe of the human mind. How did someone create something so special and magical? And then they allow the reader to imagine the world the author has created in a way that is most likely completely different than what the author was imagining. It's so special that it makes my heart ache.
  13. Hearing a song that reminds you of a time and place.
    Whatever the feeling you get from it, your brain slingshots you back to that time. It can feel like someone has sucker punched you, or it can feel like a warm bath.