Just a few things that always help! Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. Eat glass
  2. Moe the lawn
    With a Moe from The Simpsons figurine.
  3. Talk to dolphins
  4. Laugh about cat hair getting all over my black clothes
  5. Breathe in all of the methane that surrounds me
  6. Visit Alcatraz and mourn the loss of the men who died there
  7. Write Memoirs of a Geisha
  8. Paint the Empire State Building
  9. Walk backwards for a day
  10. Pretend I'm Bo Obama
  11. Sing the National Song of Ants
  12. Unwillingly volunteer my time to the Broken Bell Society
  13. Kick my least favorite street lamp
  14. Call Dwayne Johnson to ask when his cookbook is coming out
  15. Insult every baby
  16. Drink tea made from the sea of Galilee
  17. Recall ancient stories passed down through generations
  18. Live as a ghost for one hundred years
  19. Walk around town educating people about Thetans
  20. Regret my feud with John Locke
  21. Fly to Kissimmee, FL and yell about it
  22. Recite Marley and Me in the town square
  23. Tell fortunes