@erikaaa hates my vibe when I wear my favorite hat. I got it a couple months ago and it changed my life.
  1. When I was a young baby girl, my ears were not proportionate to my head.
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    I looked like this in hats. The Yankees played great that year.
  2. Of course, some hats I rocked.
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    Lookin' good with my baby bro.
  3. Okay maybe I didn't rock this.
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    Kinda wish I still had this hat.
  4. I've always been very graceful.
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  5. Here's another. I wore a lot of hats as a kid.
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    Emily- cute! Damn right, mom.
  6. Anyway, I took a break from hats.
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    Until I bought this one a couple years ago. It's a good hat, just not the look I want. Picture story: my niece, June, was going through a phase where she demanded all pictures were of her only. But I wanted one with both of them, so Theo and I snuck behind her.
  7. Here's me in a scarf.
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    @brittscott took this of me at Coachella. I was downing vodka from a plastic handle. I'm a very, very classy desert woman.
  8. MY HAT❤️
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    I bought this before a cruise I went on for my bffs birthday. I put it on and knew it was meant to be.
  9. I feel like an Instagram girl.
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    The kind of girl who wears caps. And just provides hat inspo to the world. Look how confident this Mormon mom blogger I follow is! HAT. INSPO.
  10. @erikaaa says I look like a Newport Beach mom.
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    Or like a celeb going to Trader Joes, and just wants some privacy. I send her pics of me in my hat.
  11. With my hat, I feel confident.
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    You're not gonna get me down, world.