I've had some weird ass jobs
  1. Cleaned eye glasses at an eyeglasses store
    Not that weird, but it was my first job and I made like $6 an hour. I mostly updated my Xanga on the computer. I don't think I ever cleared the history. I was a very naive 14 year old.
  2. Babysat 11 kids at a time
    For $8 an hour. They were all siblings. All homeschooled. Lived in a 3 bedroom house. I want to go back in time and 1) call CPS because they were 100% neglected and 2) tell 15 year old Emily to not do that anymore
  3. Cleaned rich people's houses
    I was really very bad at this. But I was invisible to them and got to listen to D.R.A.M.A from the families, which is one of my favorite things.
  4. Was a Vet assistant
    It was for a week and I was 18 and it was kind of awful
  5. Dressed up as a princess for money outside of the Chinese Manns Theater
    I made $14 for 5 hours of work. It was scary. I was 18. Why was I allowed to do this?
  6. Dressed up like a Bond girl and served appetizers to very rich people
    For 6 hours straight in uncomfortable shoes. I hid in a closet for an hour and no one noticed.
  7. Sold meat
    It was a pop up store for Hickory Farms.
  8. Face painted as a princess
    For ungrateful kids