I don't always feel like my brain is fully formed, but when I do I'm usually doing these things
  1. Setting up my credit card payment
    Like, 2 weeks ahead of time
  2. Filling up my gas tank all the way
    Not just $5 worth, the entire thing
  3. Wearing nice, matching underwear
    Who am I? Olivia Pope?!
  4. Making a phone call to a stranger
    "Yes hello, I'm also an adult"
  5. Signing an email with "Best, Emily Kreider"
    Best what? What is that even? Something adults do apparently
  6. Placing a food order over the phone
    See also: calling a stranger
  7. Buying alcohol
    Nothing to see here, just doing something very legal and very normal.
  8. Going somewhere that's 21+
    Again, just a normal adult person who goes places. This is legal. I qualify for this perk.