While washing my hands
  1. This soap looks like jizz.
  2. But what if it actually is jizz?
  3. It smells like cherry almond soap.
  4. Ok but the consistency is so jizzy.
  5. What if someone actually went around jacking off into soap dispensers in ladies bathrooms?
  6. Honestly seems like something some lost sick dude would do.
  7. What if I knew that guy and he was so normal and like, loved rock climbing and had a nice girlfriend who taught yoga.
  8. You can't trust anyone these days.
  9. Seriously any guy could just jizz into soap dispensers.
  10. But this is definitely soap...
  11. It lathers too well to be jizz.
  12. But then again, I haven't ever tried to lather jizz.
  13. Oh well. Such is life.