I took my time finishing the show, I really enjoyed it. I appreciated the way it looked (the entire season is aesthetically pleasing) and the realness of the relationships. It's awkward at times, but I'm thinking it was supposed to be. My life is awkward 95% of the time.
  1. β€’
    When he dedicated it to Harris Wittles.
    Aziz and Harris were super close and were working on Master of None together. I'm still torn up about Harris dying, he was deeply loved by his friends and fans.
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    Episode 1: When Dev talks to his friend about divorce.
    "What am I supposed to say? I don't sleep, I haven't fucked in a year, I never see my friends, I hate my wife?" Real talk: going through a separation/divorce right now so this hit me in my feels. It's honestly pretty easy to hide marriage problems. It's embarrassing to share certain struggles and you don't want your friends to have any negative thoughts about your partner. But at some point you're like "Fuck it, I gotta get out of this ✌🏼️." TOO REAL AZIZ!
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    Episode 2: The juxtaposition of Dev and his parents.
    Many people have sacrificed everything for their kids. But it's difficult for people to put that into perspective. It's hard enough to imagine your parents as young people, but harder to truly understand how difficult it may have been for them to try and put you in a position that's better than they had it. Put in the aspect of multiple generations and cultures, and it gets even trickier. Of course, not all parents are great. Some are dicks. But this ep was great.
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    Episode 3: When the hot girl becomes 😳
    Expectations and fantasies are rarely reality.
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    Episode 6: When Dev causes him and Rachel to miss their flight.
    Relationships are weird. I've been the messer-upper, and the disappointed. We all are both at some point.
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    Episode 7: When they talk about what it's like to be a woman.
    Damn. This was one of my favorite episodes. The contrast of Dev and Arnold's walk home compared to his female cast mate's. It was scary, and frustrating, and not an exaggeration of how it actually feels to be a lady in those situations. Ladies, you feel me? I ran on a trail the day after Thanksgiving and was grateful that I only got catcalled once. It's hard out there! So many men are disgusting. It makes me appreciate the non-disgusting men of the world even more, like all you cool List men!
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    Episode 8: When Rachel's grandma just wants to live her life.
    I never want to get old. I know that's ridiculous and incredibly ageist. But hearing her grandma's experience was hard. Way to make everyone feel guilty about not talking to their grandparents more. (Also, PARRO!)
  8. β€’
    Episode 9: Relationships, man.
    The episode was uncomfortable. You can see where each of them is coming from, and you know you've been in similar situations with a partner. Cohabiting is messy, sometimes literally. Finding out that balance is weird and, again, uncomfortable.
  9. β€’
    Episode 10: The entire episode is one big "fuuuuuuuuck".
    The wedding scene made me cringe. I wrote my own vows at my wedding and although I'm sure some people enjoyed it, I think of them now and want to apologize to everyone. I'm sure it's because I'm now questioning if I ever want to get married again, but the whole big wedding idea is not even who I am anymore. πŸ™…πŸΌ Of course, I truly love going to them and celebrating friends. So who knows what life will hold!
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    Episode 10: continued!
    "Do you promise to make a crazy eternal bond with this gentleman who you happen to be dating at this stage in your life when people normally get married?" Too. Damn. Real.
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    Entire season: πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ
    I admired the complicated but real stories of the show. Nothing was unbelievable (except his parents' acting, that was pretty unbelievably bad... sorry haters!). It spoke to me as an individual, as well as a millennial. Again, it was a little awkward at times. But I did enjoy it.