@brittscott and I are at dinner. Because we are IRL good friends. We wanted to list about it.
  1. I used to work at this restaurant!
    I quit five years ago. But I was a part of the opening team and worked here for two years. It's weird being back!
  2. Here's @brittscott with her margarita!
  3. Here's me with my grapefruit martini
    "You're perfectly lit!" (I'm super classy!)
  4. Food!
  5. Foooood!
  6. We played fuck, marry, kill with Lord of the Rings characters.
    Frodo, Legolas, and Samwise. Then Dumbledore (wait no, Gandalf), Pippin, and Aragorn.
  7. We want watch Marie Antoinette when we get back to my house!
  8. We want to know why this guy got unengaged.
    We both know him from different places and we HAVE TO KNOW. Probably because he's a douche honestly. He's a sever here.
  9. We love you guys.
    Gosh. List man. It's the good life. Everyone's lists are 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
  10. We want to play MASH.
    Probably when we get back to my house.
    Me: "I love @k8mcgarry " Brit: "She's so funny!" Brit: "I also love @michael_circa91 and his Disney princes list was my favorite!" Me: "I loooooove @marymurphy " me: "And @combatdavey makes me laugh a lot. He's smart. 😎 and cool."
  12. "I love how we are thinking about what we talk about at dinner instead of talking at dinner"
    We're very cool. Super cool.
  13. Keep you posted listers!!
  14. We are celebrating my birthday 😉
  15. We are VIP. Duh.
    You guys. I'm drunk. I'm sorry.
  16. We stayed true to our word!'
    Marie Antoinette!