Trying to look busy during this drive to the airport.
  1. Why do my eyebrows or eyelashes sometimes get weird in the morning?
    Did they have a bad night?
  2. Why is my current Uber driver bad at driving?
    This is your job. I want to puke. It's going to happen in your car and it's going to be your fault.
  3. Why is San Francisco so much more expensive than LA?
    It's ridiculous you guys.
  4. Why do some lists get more likes than others?
    Sometimes I think a list is gold but it turns out only 12 other people think that. Other times I think a list is shit and it'll get way more likes than it deserves.
  5. When will all the trash take over the earth?
    I think about trash a lot. It scary.
  6. Why did my Uber driver just put up my window when clearly I'm going to barf in his Acura?
    Dude, I'm paying you a HIGH amount. Please respect me.
  7. Where have all the cowboys gone?
  8. Can we all agree that dogs who nonstop lick you are super annoying?
  9. Why do people not maintain proper nail care?
    Looking at you, small handed but long nailed Uber driver...
  10. How do cars not smash into one another all the damn time?
  11. I'm going to puke.
    Not even a question anymore.