Not gonna lie, these are gonna upset some people! 😬 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  1. Your brother (Doug, not Josh) sucks at lacrosse.
  2. Barbara isn't that good at Scrabble, you just can't read.
  3. Maybe cutting in line ISNT that bad.
    Have you thought about it?!
  4. Lance can't dance, he just can't.
    This is so unpopular!
  5. Nobody actually likes Brent's music, they just like Brent.
  6. I loved when Martha told Jack to fuck off... It was great!
  7. Remember when Allison broke that ceramic bowl of Charlie's, and then hid it under the sink?
    That was rude of her... Sorry not sorry!
  8. Liz can't pull off that haircut.
  9. Blake seems awfully pleased that he got the promotion over Steven, but I think Steven was a way better candidate.
    Sue me!