"You can bury me when my body breaks in the earth that created me, in the golden state." I love my state. I've always lived here and I believe it's the most beautiful stretch of land ever. But I'm biased.
  1. The ocean
    Knowing I have the Pacific to the west of me at all times is a big comfort. That's where I go when I feel sad, lost, and angry. I love the smell, I love the sand, I love the way it looks.
  2. The mountains
    There's a mountain in my county that's visible from most parts of it. I've memorized its outline and stare at its peaks. I'm contemplating getting a tattoo of it because I love it so.
  3. The weather
    Obviously I love the consistent 75* weather. I wouldn't mind some variation though.
  4. The food
    California has amazing Mexican food. It has amazing burgers (hi In-n-out). It has amazing pizza (wuddup Laventinas in Newport).
  5. The blue-ness of it
    Unfortunately, the county I'm in is incredibly conservative. But most other places in California are very liberal. And I truly appreciate it!!
  6. LA
    I love LA. Can't get enough of it.
  7. San Francisco
    Growing up I always wanted to move to SF. I have family up there and soaked in every bit while we visited. I love the weather, the people, not the price of living though 😑.
  8. San Luis Obispo
    I lived here for a year during my undergrad. It's one of the happiest places in the US. It's a wonderful place. Plus SLO has this restaurant with the most amazing tri-tip sandwiches. Also, the wine tasting is 👌🏼
  9. The freeways
    I hate traffic. But I don't mind the freeways. I'm good at navigating them and am a pretty aggressive CA driver.
  10. Disneyland
    I grew up with an annual pass. I worked there. I still get excited going even though I've been a thousand times. It's just my favorite.
  11. The Entertainment!
    Concerts, clubs, and festivals (everybody has a tour stop in So Cal!). Museums, zoos, amusement parks! CATALINA!
    Suggested by @Dashelamet