I'll add more!
  1. Rilo Kiley
    Jenny Lewis will forever mean a lot to me. Brilliant song writer, fantastic performer.
  2. A lot of xveganxstraightedgex bands
    I was VERY punk rock from 14-16. Bffs with all the local XEDGEX XVEGANX bands (lolol). Now I realize they were all the age that I am now and it's weird that they hung out with a 14 year old. I "sold out" at 16. Stopped being vegan at 18.
  3. Dashboard Confessional
    13-15 very in love with Chris Carraba, still know the lyrics to almost every song.
  4. Sufjan Stevens
    Still 💯🔥
  5. Tilly and the wall
  6. Wilco
  7. Lisa Loeb
  8. The Honorary Title
  9. Bright Eyes
  10. Elliot Smith
  11. The Weepies
    More early college i guess
  12. Whispertown2000
  13. Counting Crows
    My mom loves them and they sound like my childhood and adolescence. Adam Duritz is an amazing lyricist.
  14. Pedro the Lion
  15. The Fiery Furnace
  16. Feist
  17. The Decemberists
  18. Arcade Fire
  19. The Shins
  20. Blonde Redhead
  21. Rasputina
  22. Metric
  23. Junior Senior
  24. Yeah yeah yeahs
  25. Rogue Wave
    They opened for the Shins during their first tour and I got to sell their merch at a couple shows. I felt SO COOL. They were super nice.
  26. Eisley
  27. Kimya Dawson
  28. Hot Hot Heat
  29. Death Cab for Cutie
  30. The Postal Service