My weapon of choice: a machete, and always a hammer on my belt. This ragtag group of misfits will persevere. I mean, some of us will. Most will die.
  1. Not only will her TWD knowledge help us, her and I will form a tiny woman tag team while killing walkers.
  2. Her hair would become her best weapon, and we could reminisce about pop culture.
  3. She'd just KNOW what to do in any situation.
  4. She'd fashion weapons and other necessities for us, but I'm not confident in her combat skills... Her cat Luna may need to become a killer cat.
  5. Who else would I create the "ZOMG ZOMBIES" podcast with?
  6. @Lindi
    MY GIRL Lindi would bring her dog, and they'd TCB all day long
  7. @combatdavey
    Strong, would say shit like "Dead man walking..." (or way more clever) during tense situations to lighten the mood. Would also cook for people.
  8. He'd cheer everyone up and also joke with @combatdavey when we were all feeling down. I like to imagine they'd have a nightly sketch planned.
  9. She has something up her sleeve... I don't know what... But it's there and I'm SCARED
  10. She would just LOOK at the zombies and they'd die...again
  11. His weapon is a golf club and THATS ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW
  12. She'd be real honest with everyone, which would be 100% needed
  13. A lot of jokes, but also surprisingly lethal with his baseball bat.
  14. Honestly I'd be worried about her 24/7
  15. Would LEGIT have my back at all times, and I would have hers
  16. Terrifying during a zombie battle, but would provide us all with moonshine that she has somehow... procured.
  17. Uses an old timey civil war gun and swears he's pulling his weight... But I'm skeptical
  18. Somehow they become one force, eliminating all threats within 10 feet of them
  19. We don't see him but he's there. He's always there.
  20. You guys don't know her, she's a quiet List presence. But she's one of my IRL best friends and I would seriously NEED HER WITH ME during this time.
  21. Would any of us really live without her?
  23. @TQ
    Weapon of choice: bowling ball. And it works.
  24. From Alaska, knows what's UP
  25. He's tall, could murder a human if necessary?
  26. Would form a triad of CHAOS
  27. She'd strategize for us, and we'd protect her because she's very important
  28. They'd constantly tear shit up
  29. Bow and arrow, a true Darryl
  30. Her French would stun the zombies, giving us time to KILL
  31. Also strategies with @margaretyoko and in turn, we protect her
  32. And of course, @franksars
    Because @shanaz would need him in order to become a 3 person giant.
  33. OMG @element75's rival gang just ambushed...
    But they are friends... Not foes
  34. She's a zombie... But controls herself. So we keep her around.