1. Anxiety
    The acidic kind that wants to swallow me up.
  2. Thinking about this long week ahead of me.
    And how I'm going to fill it. The days are long when you have the week off of all your normal things.
  3. I was dreaming about an enclosed water slide that was inside of a pyramid in Egypt.
    It went on forever and was claustrophobic. Eventually I got out of the water slide and into cool water, but I can still feel the hot air of the tube. Probably because my heater was on me.
  4. Thinking about how stupid you are.
    So stupid.
  5. I'm worrying about my future.
  6. I'm listening to my stomach growl.
    From not giving it enough yesterday.
  7. I'm wondering why my internet continues to die on me.
  8. Thinking about a career decision that I want to make but unsure how to execute that idea.
  9. I googled mugwort.
    My brother gave me honey that he infused with mugwort and rose for Christmas. He's a hippie who says mugwort gives you positive lucid dreams.
  10. Thinking about how sad and scary Pinocchio is.
  11. Especially that scene where he's swallowed by the whale.
  12. Worrying for those I care about.
    This never really stops.
  13. Wanting to go to Disneyland.