@brittscott and I have been friends for a while now and she's someone who gets me on a level that most people don't.
  1. INFJ bond
    We are both INFJs, which means we can easily relate to each other. Basically, I assume she knows how I feel and she does the same. We are always right about that.
  2. I've puked a lot in front of her
    One time in front of our campsite at Coachella because I took medicine without eating. The other time I smoked weed and coughed a lot but had eaten too much so... I puked. I'm disgusting. Both times she was an angel who didn't change the way she treated me.
  3. She's the most awkward person I've ever met.
    In the best way possible. Like, we really vibe in that way.
  4. Disneyland 🙌🏼
    We love going to Disneyland together but we haven't in a while but that's about to chaaaange!!
    Her drawings are phenomenal. Her set designs are unbelievable. She's like a magician you guys. I haven't told her yet but I'm thinking of having her draw a tattoo I want.
  6. I had a diary reading birthday party once
    And it was mainly her and I reading our old blogs/ diaries out loud like Mortified. It was so amazing. Hers KILLED ME.
  7. She's cool with just sitting around drinking and looking through old yearbooks
    Which is my kind of chill night
  8. She's also cool with going out and doing karaoke with me.
    We've done Icona Pop's "I Love It" together and we killed it.
  9. Amazing taste in music
    Introduced me to Daughter. I'll never be able to repay her.
  10. Doesn't think I'm mean when I'm mean
    Basically will also talk shit on minions.
  11. Constantly sends me good gifs
    It's such a source of entertainment.
  12. Fellow auntie who loves her niece and nephew
    We both are shocked when people don't adore their nieces and nephews.
  13. Never ever judges me
    Even when I'm probably doing something shitty. She gets me.
  14. Throws great parties.
    Whether it be New Years or a murder mystery party, she knows how to throw them.
  15. Her cat, Luna 😍
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