I relate to her on a deep, real level.
  1. She's honest.
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  2. Mhm.
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  3. We are both kind of delusional.
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  4. See above.
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  5. This is me in every situation.
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  7. 100% sure this is always happening.
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  8. Lil crazy
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  9. 👌🏼
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  10. Pretty picky.
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  11. HONEST!
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  12. 🙌🏼
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  13. True feelings.
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  14. So cool.
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  15. We all feel this sometimes.
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  16. Cannot hide feelings.
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  17. Super feminist.
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  18. Yup.
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  19. Her face, always good.
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  20. We share a need to call assholes out on their assholery. Maybe gets us in trouble.
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  21. Me:
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  22. Me 2:
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  23. Me 3!:
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  24. We both are highly sexual creatures. (Seriously wtf JLD is a goddess)
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  25. Forever making this face.
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  26. Looks great it hats.
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  27. Sticks to what she wants and knows.
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  28. We are both small but so powerful.
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  29. This is just the best though.
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