@erikaaa and I ended our podcast a few months ago, but she's become one of my best friends and I'm seriously so fucking grateful for her.
  1. She's smart.
    I love the look on her face when she's thinking of the deep thoughts.
  2. She brings up points I wouldn't have thought of.
    Which makes me think even harder.
  3. She's hilarious.
    I mean, she's a comedy writer. She makes me laugh so hard.
  4. We have this joke where we make fun of the emails we get from The Gap.
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    It's always giving us 40% off. Like, twice a week. It's gotten to the point where we lose our shit if we sent it to one another. I cut out the part of the text where it's a 50% off deal.
  5. We always text each other when drunk.
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    It has become the law.
  6. Another
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    Baseline. She meant baseline. And I agreed.
  7. We have no shame talking about the weirdest shit.
    I won't elaborate on that.
  8. We've dated the same guy.
    Basically sister wives.
    It never ceases to amaze me how beautiful she is and how much body her hair has. She's basically the Beyoncé of podcasting.
  10. She cares about the environment.
    And always teaches me about ways to mitigate my footprint.
  11. She is a good listener.
    When I need to talk shit out, she's there for me.
  12. We did a really hard thing together.
    We had another podcast before Casual Friday. We had to end it and make some tough decisions, with tough conversations. But we did it together and it bonded us for life. It was STRESSFUL though.
  13. An artist!
    You guys! She's a great artist!
  14. Before we became really close, she would eat at the restaurant I worked at.
    And every time I served her I'd think, "Ugh she's so cool. I wish we were better friends."
  15. Always smells good.
    She does.
  16. We fight about the Bachelor.
    I hated Brit, she hated Kaitlyn. I loved Nick, she wanted to chop off his dick. But we always came together to live tweet about it.
  17. We fight about Miley Cyrus.
    We have a lot of feelings.
  18. We both tear up about weird stuff.
    Sensitive souls