Such a fucking badass. Now what am I? I am a goon who takes vitamins.
  1. I was vegan.
    Before being vegan was obnoxious. Badass vegan who lead the vegan club at school, and it turned into the weirdo club because all the cool weirdos joined. I loved it.
  2. I went to all the cool shows.
    Multiple shows a week. Would befriend the bands. Smoked a bunch of cigarettes.
  3. Hung out at Amoeba records whenever possible.
    I wanted to be where the cool people were, even if it meant driving 45 minutes away.
  4. Talked myself out of suspension for cussing out and flipping off a marine who was recruiting on campus.
    There was a hummer and a race car there to show...manliness? No idea. But I went up to him and asked "So if I kill twenty people would I get this car? Is that how it works? Isn't that what you're promoting?" And he said "Only if they're towel heads." AND I LOST IT, he had fear in his eyes because I think he thought I was gonna try to hurt him. Talked myself out of suspension because I pointed how racist it was and how I actually responded in a good way to his blatant racism.
  5. I punched a guy once.
    For not leaving me alone at a show. My friends quickly took me out of that situation because I'm TINY and would have been destroyed.
  6. I wore only underwear to Coachella.
    I'm actually ashamed of this. 15 year old me was BOLD and kinda clueless. But it was when Coachella was still pretty cool and not full of assholes. I also did some other stuff there that I can't say because I'm even more embarrassed about that.
  7. Had the same boyfriend for two years.
    From 8th grade (!!) to 10th. He was my very best friend and we still adore each other. I 100% know that we will be friends for life. He was my first for everything and he's such a great person. Not everyone gets someone so great to be their first love! He lives in Portland now and his current girlfriend is so cool it hurts.
  8. I was sexually explorative.
    I was safe though. Got tested. Was on birth control. Just enjoyed what life had to offer!
  9. I fought to make the dress code less sexist.
    Guys could wear shirts with naked women on them, but I almost got sent home for not wearing a bra. Hell no. I changed that RILL quick.
  10. I was voted most fashionable.
    Still the highest honor I've ever received.
  11. I rocked my AP classes.
    AP History and English ✌🏼️ Because being smart is cool.
  12. I was friends with everyone.
    This may all seem like I was unapproachable but I actually was pretty well liked and had a bunch of friends from all grades. I've always been a people person. And I enjoyed the diversity in my friends group.
  13. I dressed up as Hermione for a week one time.
    Before one of the HP movies came out. Wand and all!
  14. I wrote opinion pieces for the school newspaper.
    About feminism, how the patriarchy is shit, about veganism and why I was vegan.
  15. Drove a super awesome Jeep Wrangler.
    People still ask if I have that Jeep. I had so much fun with it.
  16. Gave myself a tattoo!
    Because I was a badass motherfucker.
  17. Despite all this coolness, I was horribly insecure.
    I wish I could tell 15 year old Emily to just be herself, because she was awesome. But I spent a lot of time on AIM just hiding and listening to music. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but I was afraid to actually be seen as vulnerable because I didn't want people to think I was weak.