It just came on Netflix and I'm almost done. She's a Marvel character, but the show was created by a woman. It's fantastic.
  1. Krystin Ritter is a badass
    Really good actress.
  2. Jessica Jones is a badass.
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    Superhero strength, private investigator, good conscience, hard exterior, cool leather jacket, she owns her sexuality, is a total feminist, DGAFs (but totally does GAF).
  3. Awesome female friendship.
    Passes the Bechdel test!
  4. Trish, badass.
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    Seriously mastered Krav Maga. Really good friend. Doesn't let anyone walk all over her.
  5. Luke Cage, badass.
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    Hottie badass. He lets Jessica do her own thing, which is even more badass.
  6. But really, it's smart and exciting and the characters are intricate.
    It's dark, it deals with heavy shit. Addiction, rape, extreme guilt and shame, PTSD. It examines the blurred lines between good and evil.
  7. Then again, I love superheroes.
    There's a chance I'm being very biased. Most likely because I want to be a superhero. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯