I had a dream last night that I was in a grown up Girl Scout Troop. It was pretty great, and the outfits were basically what Jenny Lewis wears in Troop Beverly Hills. Tell me what your badges, mission, rules, and perks would be! @shanaz @element75 @Lisa_Fav @drugs @Lindi because we have a Twitter thread. But anyone can join, we're inclusive as hell
  1. Mine:
    Badges: feminism, social work, Internet vigilante. Mission: to encourage and empower women of all kinds to be who they want to be. Rules: don't be an asshole. Perks: cookies.
  2. Badges: sexual health information, self care, at home gel manicures. Missions: empower women with knowledge! Rules: Kindness is key. Perks: snacks
    Suggested by @drugs
  3. Badges: loud laugh, international, feminism. Mission: break every clichés (re: woman/ what you see on the Internet / other countries). Rules: dare more (and you won't bother people if you ask them to repeat what they said). Perks: having a cool greeting/salutation with your friends (salutation tbd)...and the cookies too.
    Suggested by @Lisa_Fav
  4. Badges: Movies, Basic parenting, &Painting Mission: Knowledge Rules: Have fun! Perks: Friendship!
    But I want to do/learn.. Wine tasting, archery & jazz (music, dance, hands)
    Suggested by @shanaz
  5. Badges: social justice, conflict resolution, emotional maturity, starting a fire from scratch... Mission: female empowerment... Rules: sisters before misters... Perks: bedazzled vests, pool party at the end of the year
    Suggested by @ameliaville