Ohh baby baby, it's a wild world (wide web).
  1. Don't read the comments.
    Unless you're on the List App, don't read comments. It will only lead to you being infuriated by horrible strangers.
  2. Don't feed the trolls.
    They'll just get nastier.
  3. Check yourself before you wreck yourself.
    In other words, if you're reading something that sounds too good to be true, maybe you should check with another reliable source before you repost or go on that date or interview for that job. Anything that includes Western Union is 99% of the time a scam.
  4. That Nigerian prince doesn't love you.
    Spoiler alert: he's not a prince, and he wants your money.
  5. Don't post things that are ominous, vague, melodramatic etc.
    Just.... Don't do it.
  6. Don't put your credit card info somewhere that isn't trustworthy.
    OBVIOUSLY. Same goes for your SSN.
  7. Haters gonna hate, potatoes gonna potate
    A kid used to say this all the time in 1st grade and I like to share his infinite wisdom, I'm sorry to waste a suggestion
    Suggested by @libby92
  8. You will always regret that drunk text.
    Suggested by @saytrumbo
  9. Dare to keep your kids off drugs
    Suggested by @MichaelRose