Dieting is easier with friends, right? I am often enlisted to help Busy out by trying to do some of her diets with her. I'm usually unsuccessful.
  1. Weight Watchers
    I made a lot of the vegetable soup -- no points! I don't remember losing any weight.
  2. South Beach Diet
    This was back when Busy and I were roommates. I also remember the ricotta dessert fondly, she would get really annoyed because I wouldn't finish my 5 allotted chocolate chips. The bigger takeaway for me was Laughing Cow light cheese wedges. The diet did wonders for their sales -- for a time it said South Beach Diet approved right on the package and stores wouldn't be able to keep them in stock!
  3. Body Reset Diet
    All smoothies, all day long. This was fun and I kept it going for awhile, but I kept sneaking extra berries into my smoothies so I didn't lose much weight.
  4. Food delivery- Klean
    This is actually the first time I've done food delivery with her, because usually the vegetarian options look terrible. But the vegan Klean food is amazing. So good in fact, that one day my delivery was stolen off my doorstep. Just kidding, the thieves didn't know what they had taken, and when I was walking the dog that morning my street was strewn about with full food containers.