Apparently there are multiple people who mistakenly enter my email address when signing up for things. Most are named Emily, but not all. I always make an effort to correct the situation, especially the more important ones like childcare notices.
  1. Dinner reservation at The Inn at Pound Ridge by Jean-Georges
    Party of 2 next Wednesday at 7:45. She needs to call and confirm 24 hours in advance.
  2. Group chat with 8 girls on The Tigers (10-year old soccer team)
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    This is possibly the most annoying and amazing wrong email experience. This group of girls group chats every weekend for hours and doesn't believe that I'm not their teammate Emily. I finally figured out how to get Do Not Disturb to work on these chats, but only after multiple Sundays being woken up by their texts at 6am (they're in New Jersey). This past weekend involved making plans to go to Coney Island.
  3. Family portrait session in Boulder
    Emily Chung wanted to schedule portraits for extended family back in May. She filled out an online form after seeing the photographer's work at a friend's house.
  4. Gold level membership at Kidville in Scarsdale
    That place is expensive! $1100 for membership and a Rockin' Railroad theater class.
  5. Pottery Barn consult
    Luckily the sender also has Emily's phone number.
  6. Reservations at the Four Seasons Baltimore
    This has happened more than once. I also get her invoice at the end of her stays. She eats stuff from the minibar and gets a lot of room service.
  7. Various real estate dealings
    This used to happen a lot. Apparently someone in the title business in Las Vegas named Runa gave my email to all of her contacts.
  8. Equipment use permit application for an air conditioning unit in NYC
    This was back in the heatwave of 2011. The apartment referenced on the application sold last summer for $5.6 million.
  9. At The Beach tanning salon membership
    Lots of BOGO offers and 20% off specials.
  10. After school daycare at Wildcat Care in Westminster, CO
    This Emily keeps forgetting to turn in paperwork for her daughter. Once she didn't pick her up on time when they had a half day.