My 2017 will be a year of change, transformation, and development. I will be my best self this year, and for many more years to come.
  1. Take two classes at Keefe At Night
    Creative Writing Series I, WordPress I
  2. Volunteer at at least two places
    Cat Rescue in Ashland, Framingham Public Library
  3. Start going back to church
    Join a church group or event, volunteer for the church
  4. Start using MeetUp more regularly
    Mindfulness groups, yoga, creative writing, art, music, sports, etc.
  5. Go to a weekly CBT/DBT or mental illness group
  6. Start going to the gym 3+ times per week
    Gym classes, open gym routine
  7. Think about going to Empire Beauty School, or Assabet technical school's cosmetology program
    Take a tour and do your research.
  8. Get involved in adult league
    Soccer or lacrosse team
  9. Start thinking about going back to college (Lesley in Cambridge)
    Consider majors like Art Therapy or Mental Health Counseling
  10. Go to a museum at least once a month
    Get in for free on the first weekend of every month with your BOA card. Also, many public libraries have free passes or reduced price museum admission.
  11. Learn a new language on tape
    Sign language, French, or Spanish
  12. Teach yourself something new with a YouTube video
    Beauty tips, DIY crafts, etc.
  13. Find a part time job relevant to your interests
    Ulta, Sally Beauty Supplies, Michael's
  14. Take nature walks more often.
    Explore local trails, go to the Wellesley Garden greenhouse
  15. Use resources to start researching your interests
    Library databases,, encyclopedias, research books, Amazon
  16. Travel, or stay at a hotel with a friend.
    Road trip across the country, New York, somewhere new and exciting (and affordable)
  17. Eat healthy meals
    Prepare your meals for the week in advance and avoid unhealthy snacking
  18. Get 10,000 Fitbit steps each day
  19. Wake up at least at 6am every morning
  20. Develop friendships
    Keep in better touch with current friends, and build new friendships at the events you go to.
  21. Start playing instruments and reading music again
    Continue the clarinet, learn guitar, piano, etc.
  22. Read more.
  23. Write more.
  24. Do art more.
  25. Cut back on the alcohol; Better yet, quit drinking altogether.