Magazine & Newspaper Wish List

Magazines & newspapers that I have my eye on.
  1. Spirituality & Health magazine
  2. TIME (but only the special editions!)
    Special Editions that have caught my eye: 100 Healthiest Foods to Satisfy Your Hunger, The Science of Exercise, and more.
  3. American Scientific
  4. Psychology Today
  5. Mental Floss
  6. National Geographic
  7. Glamour
  8. Wall Street Journal
  9. Bella Grace
    This magazine is simply magical. Anything written and published by Stampington & Company is breathtaking. However - it's pricey. A one year subscription (which is only 4 magazines) costs over $100. But, it's certainly a collectible. (However - there are some special edition versions of this magazine that are cheaper.) If there's anything worth a total splurge, it would be investing in this magazine. | To subscribe (or order any past issues) go to for more information.
  10. Creative Nonfiction
  11. The Sun Magazine
  12. Breathe
    "Wellbeing. Mindfulness. Creativity. Escaping." |
  13. American Short Fiction
    Annual cost of $30, three magazines per year |
  14. Bon Appetít
  15. Self
  16. Women's Health
  17. Eating Well
  18. Cooking Light
  19. Willow & Sage
    Another Stampington & Company must-have.
  20. Natural Health.
  21. Clean Eating
  22. Project Calm Magazine: Mindfulness Through Making
    Wellbeing. Paper arts. Weaving. Collage. Travel. | This magazine is perfect for anyone with an artistic and creative mind. I must subscribe!
  23. Thoughtfully: The Way Life Should Be Lived