My Photography

  1. This photo was taken by me as I was crossing the finish line for the NAMI annual walk for mental illness. The energy in this picture is what gets me the most: the enthusiasm, the bright colors, the joy although it was a gloomy day. This picture is beautiful in so many ways because it displays one thing loud and clear... The possibility of hope.
  2. Photographed by yours truly at the Isabella Stewart Gardner museum in Boston, Massachusetts. This courtyard area is filled with the sounds of nature while people sit around it and sketch or write. Simply Heavenly!
  3. Another photo that I took in my mom's house, the house that I grew up in. Ah, home sweet home.
  4. My mom took this photo while she was visiting London. She showed me many pictures of her trip but this one was my favorite. I love the simplicity of it... the flowers are so vibrant and the brick is so classic.
  5. Taken by myself while kayaking on Salt Pond in Narragansett, Rhode Island.
  6. Pickerel Pond, Natick MA
  7. My cat, Simon.
  8. New Life Church in Framingham, MA
    I am personally a practicing Catholic, but this church was just built right across the street from where I live. Although I live in a not-so-pretty area, the property that this church owns and has landscaped is beautiful! Definitely worthy of being uploaded to this list!
  9. Sofá Café in Framingham, MA
    Sofá Café used to be on Newbury Street in Boston. Recently, they changed their location to downtown Framingham, right near where I live! I swear, God is always thinking about me. There aren't many cute places in the area that I live in for me to sit down and have a coffee and read a book (which is something that I love to do). But, once this little café made its way to Framingham, it was a perfect place for me to walk down the street and escape for a few hours! And it's air conditioned!
  10. A beautiful day for a jog at Bowditch Track in Framingham, MA. It's the little things in life 😊
  11. Taken at sunset in Narragansett, RI. No filter needed. Breathtaking.
  12. Also taken in Narragansett, RI at Salt Pond, only during the day. Beautiful!
  13. Taken outside of Saint Stephen's Church in Framingham, MA
  14. Just another day in Paradise. Also known as the Natick Mall.
  15. I took this at Saint Bridget's Catholic Church in Framingham, MA... I love you Mary!