Bucket list of cookbooks/nutrition books for the aspiring chef. I found most of these browsing Barnes & Noble (which has a completely OVERWHELMING selection), thrift stores, and library book sales!
  1. Get the Glow by Madeleine Shaw
  2. Forest Feast by Erin Gleeson
  3. Home Baked by Yvette Van Boven
  4. Super Natural Every Day by Heidi Swanson
  5. Eat Pretty Every Day by Jolene Hart
  6. Eat Pretty, Live Well by Jolene Hart
  7. Eat Pretty: Nutrition for Beauty, Inside & Out by Jolene Hart
  8. 28 Days of Clean Eating by Fall River Press (New York)
  9. Whole Food, Bowl Food by Anna Lisle
  10. Yogurt Every Day by Hubert Cormier
  11. The SkinnyTaste Cookbook by Gina Homolka
  12. Bowls of Plenty by Carolynn Carreño
    Recipes for Healthy & Delicious Whole-Grain Meals
  13. The Greek Yogurt Cookbook by Lauren Kelly, C.N.
    Innovative Ways to Enjoy Today's Most Popular Superfood
  14. Good Housekeeping: 400 Healthy Recipes
    Easy, Delicious, Low-Calorie