Things I Like About Myself

I think it's hard for all of us to come up with positive qualities about ourselves. So I'm going to step up to that challenge by making a list about the things I like about ME!
  1. My blue eyes.
  2. My (sometimes ridiculous) aspirations.
  3. Unfailing loyalty to the few individuals that I consider to be my best friends.
  4. My sense of humor.
    I am fluent in both sarcasm and wit. I'm working on coming up with better comebacks. ;)
  5. The patience I extend towards others, as well as myself.
  6. My nose piercing.
  7. My height.
    4'11 but sassy as ever.
  8. My ability to listen more than I speak.
  9. My taste in books (of any genre).
  10. My faithfulness and unconditional love for... CHOCOLATE.
    Brownies, cookies, ice cream, Reese's peanut butter cups...
  11. My level of intelligence.
  12. My uniqueness & quirks.
  13. My sense of style.
  14. My ability to smile even when I'm hurting on the inside.
  15. My taste in TV shows and movies.
  16. My taste in music.
    Always having a dance party by myself.
  17. The natural color of my hair: strawberry blonde-ish I suppose.
    I used to bleach out my hair to a super platinum blonde color because I hated my natural tone. I thought it looked dirty and ugly. But a few years ago, I let my roots grow in instead of dying them. Now that I have my natural tone, I get compliments on my hair color everywhere I go! And everyone seems to think that I have a way more natural look now that I'm rocking my true hair color. Ladies: you're already beautiful. You don't have to change a thing about yourself to emphasize that.
  18. The way I have gracefully persevered through the numerous trials over the course of my life.
    Suicide was always a thought in the back of my mind. Not giving up was the best decision I could have ever made. Ever. Please don't give up. I promise you, this life is worth it. It gets better as you get stronger.
  19. My taste in food. And, humbly speaking, I am a fantastic cook!
    Cooking is one of my favorite forms of therapeutic self-care. I find it the best way to practice mindfulness: the rituals, the smells, the tastes. And it's so rewarding when you've whipped up a healthy and delicious meal. To all of the aspiring chefs out there: get started! You'll love it!
  20. My independence.
  21. My spirituality.
  22. My passion for the Expressive Arts Movement, specifically, Art Therapy.
  23. My emotional scars that I thought would never heal. They healed, but the markings are still there to prove that I was stronger than whatever tried to hurt me.
  24. My skin discoloration on my back and my neck/stomach area.
    I can't believe that I actually added this to my list. For years, I would dread the summer time b/c the thought of wearing a bathing suit horrified me. I have a skin pigment disfunction and it covers many parts of my body, the worst on my back. I never had a nice even tan like many of my friends. People would ask me what was wrong with my skin, but now I ask them, what's wrong with your perspective? On my wedding day, I plan on wearing a backless dress and flaunting what I used to be ashamed of.
  25. My ability to always stay on task, and my ability to be one step ahead of what is required of me.
  26. My radiant positive energy.
  27. My interpersonal skills. I work great with others and for others.
  28. My decision to be sober.
  29. The color of my skin.