Inspired by @reneeeee
  1. My laptop
    My entire life is on my laptop. I've had it for almost six years and I consider it family.
  2. My keys
    House keys, bus pass, etc. All on my university-themed lanyard, cuz I'm cool like that.
  3. Lip gloss
    In case I need to freshen up my lipstick during the day to keep up my spirits
  4. Wallet
    I always say "I won't buy any overpriced food from campus today!" And yet I always end up spending my dollas cuz hey, a girl's gotta eat.
  5. Old receipts of food I bought on campus
    See above.
  6. At any given time, about four novels
    I'm an English Lit major, so it goes with the territory.
  7. Glasses
    Cuz I'm nearsighted af lol
  8. My pencil case
    It's bright green and white and has a cool plastic feel and contains all my sharpie pens and coloured markers cuz I'm five years old
  9. A plastic fork
    One time when I grabbed two but didn't need two so I put it in my bag and now it's gross but I still haven't thrown it out cuz I'm a hoarder maybe?
  10. Earphones
    To listen to all ma sweet tunes