All-time Favourite Tv Shows

These are the shows I keep coming back to because they are sheer awesomeness. Most of them are on Canadian Netflix & lord I can't recommend them enough
  1. The Office
    I wish I could go back & watch this show all over again with fresh eyes, but it's one of those shows that just gets better and better every time you watch it. Jim Halpert is goals.
  2. Daredevil
    Oh maaaaaaa gawd. This SHOW. so good and so painful, it's painfully good. I've loved Charlie Cox ever since Stardust, and everything about this show is just so, so good. Characters, script, etc. It's a privilege to watch honestly.
  3. X Company
    THIS SHOW. it's Canadian & not really heard of but oh my god it's so good. I found the first season on Netflix and I couldn't stop watching. Just finished the second season tonight & oh my god my heart. It's a period piece set during World War Two and focuses on five Allied agents and there's going to be a third season and just oh my god watch it.
  4. Parks and Recreation
    I have such a special place in my heart for parks and recreation. I think I've watched each episode about ten times.
  5. Psych
    This show is srsly so funny and yet heart wrenching and also straight up hilarious. It's like Sherlock except a whole lot sillier. I could watch Shawn & Gus all day.
  6. Merlin
    Another one that is so, so good. A new spin on the legend of King Arthur where Merlin and Arthur are the same age and are total bros & Merlin has to hide his magic and it's all about knights and sword fights and destiny and dragons and just oh my. So painful but worth the pain?
  7. The Mindy Project
    If you don't love Mindy, who even are you?
  8. Veronica Mars
    Veronica Mars gives me life. I think I also just really like detective/mystery shows
  9. Agent Carter
    PEGGY CARTER Y'ALL. she is so heroic and strong as hell and badass and I love her so much and I'm so glad this show got a second season
  10. Outlander
    This SHOOOW. I love period pieces so much & the hot Scottish warrior clansmen don't hurt
  11. Broad City
    Ilana and Abby are goals and this show is so perfect and hilarious and real, it's the best
  12. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    Buffy is so classic, I feel like there should be college classes revolving around this show. Are there? There should be.
  13. Sherlock
    SHERLOCK!! My little detective baby boy all grown up and solvin crimes with his best buddy John. There's also a ton of sad stuff. It's so well written and the actors are all so talented and just oh my goodness it's a brilliant masterpiece of television.
  14. Witches of East End
    Started watching this show with an "eh..." attitude and quickly fell in love. I'm a sucker for a show about sisterhood and magical powers and also the second season is crazy dark but SO GOOD.
  15. Community
    Community is such a gem. So brilliant and witty. Then Dan Harmon left (had to leave?) during season five and it went so downhill so fast but then he came back and saved the day?? Either way, season one and two are so perfect.
  16. The Almighty Johnsons
    Another show that looks super cheesy but is actually really good and also I'm a sucker for mythology. This one is about a boy named Axl (??) who discovers he's actually a Norse god (Odin, in fact) and so are all his brothers. Set in New Zealand and I just really love their accents and so much BROTHERHOOD!