Fictional Men I Would Totally Hardcore Date for the Rest of My Life

I wonder what this list says about my taste in men? idk
  1. Prince Char
    From the book Ella Enchanted. Ten year old emily fell HARD. It has to do with chivalry or something idk. His film portrayal was A+ as well (Hugh Dancy is a god).
  2. Tristan
    From Stardust. I just really super duper like Charlie cox and he's so many kinds of adorable in this movie.
  3. William Herondale
    From Cassandra Clare's series "infernal devices". He loves books, is a badass fighter of demons, and has that hot Victorian era edge? Sign me up.
  4. Peeta
    Peeta from the Hunger Games would make you so happy. Plus he's a baker, so he could make me bread all the time. He's so sweet and also I love josh hutcherson!
  5. Luke Brandon
    From Confessions of a Shopaholic. Started off cold and standoffish, but was revealed to be actually super sweet. Also super patient, which I'm always impressed by. Also portrayed by Hugh Dancy, which again, does not hurt.
  6. Bellamy Blake
    From the TV show "the 100". Bad boy? Check. Good at heart? Double check. Brave and selfless? Triple check. I would clean up his scratches and make sure he drinks plenty of water, and he could save me from threats.
  7. Jamie Fraser
    From Outlander. Scottish warrior with a heart of gold? Please and thank you.
  8. Jim Halpert
    From the Office. I would so love to be the object of his pining while I figured out my stuff and eventually realize he's perfect for me and he's been there all along. Or better yet, realize right away and get married.
  9. Atticus Finch
    From To Kill a Mockingbird. A little old, but he's so moral and just and principled. I know some stuff about his character was under debate because of Go Set a Watchman? But I will forever cling to my eighth grade reading of this tired and tolerant man fighting for equality.
  10. Fox Mulder
    MULDER. my love. Only about halfway through the x files but just oh my god he's so adorable and he believes so hard and I love him