Film Formalwear: Fancy Dresses From Movies I Really Wanna Wear 👗

Inspired by @brightlyanna
  1. Cinderella's wedding dress
    When I first watched this movie, my jaw literally dropped. The flowers caught in the net of the skirt...the sheer sleeves...everything about this dress is so beautiful and I would wear it everyday even if I was just going to Wal-Mart.
  2. Rose's red dress from Titanic
    It's so beautiful and classy and I love the details of it
  3. Giselle's dress in Enchanted
    She made it from a curtain y'all!!
  4. Ariel's dress from The Little Mermaid
    As a little girl I was so impressed with that giant bow lol and this dress is so simple yet classy
  5. Allie's blue dress from the Notebook
    I actually really love all of her outfits in this movie, but this blue dress is ICONIC
  6. The red dress in She's All That
    I want to walk down the stairs wearing a beautiful red spaghetti strap dress to the tune of "Kiss Me" into the arms of Freddie Prinze Jr
  7. The dress from Ice Princess
    This dress made me wish I could be a figure skater, despite a long history of tragically lacking any coordination or grace
  8. Hilary Duff in "A Cinderella Story"
    Shows up to prom in a wedding gown cuz why not??
  9. Ella Enchanted
    When I was a kid I had a shirt just like this & fantasized about someday finding a cool belt/skirt like this to complete the outfit. Anne Hathaway rocks this look
  10. Taylor Swift's dress from the music video for "Love Story"
    Technically not a movie but definitely deserves a mention. She looks like such a princess!
  11. Susan's dress from Chronicles of Narnia
    It is basically my dream to be transported to a world where animals talk and I am crowned queen after I defeat an evil witch and save the kingdom and then get to wear beautiful gowns like this one. Did the Beavers sew it? I'd believe it. Anything is possible in Narnia