Not a list about my favourite movies, but about the movies that made me go WHOA!! And look at life a little differently, at least for a little while.
  1. Almost Famous
    A baby Patrick Fugit, the legendary Philip Seymour Hoffman, Billy Crudup...the soundtrack...the story...overall, just an amazing film that I could watch forever. So much love for this movie.
  2. Wristcutters: a Love Story
    "Everything's the same, except a bit worse." The story about the crooked tree, growing strong and growing strange. This movie is SO GOOD.
  3. Pleasantville
    This is one seriously cool flick. Makes you really appreciate colour, and there's a ton of symbolism and meaning as well. Also Paul Walker is in it? Which I didn't even realize the first time I saw it. There are so many beautiful moments here.
  4. Stardust
    This movie really struck me as a mastery of storytelling. So many unreal elements that combined make an excellent film. It's seriously got everything, making it timeless. PLUS it has a baby Charlie Cox and Claire Danes, sooooo.
  5. Gone Girl
    I have never had a theatre experience like this. My best friend and I went and saw it and just oh my god it reeled me in so fast and so hard. This is a masterpiece of suspense and thriller and drama. So well done!
  6. The Addams Family
    Never watched this until this year, if you'll believe it. It's a really good film about family and unconditional love and being strange and being happy as you are without being preachy. I love Wednesday so much. I could watch this movie all the time.
  7. Big Fish
    Another film that really made me think about the power of storytelling. This film has everything: Danny Devito, daffodils, a witch with a magical eye, Ewan MacGregor...such a classic
  8. Practical Magic
    This film took me by surprise. I didn't know I needed it until I watched it. It's all about sisters and love and magic and witchcraft. Sandra Bullock running to her hot apple-seller bf to the tune of "This Kiss" by Faith Hill made me so so happy. Might recreate that scene with my future husband, not joking.
  9. Far From The Madding Crowd
    SO much drama. Such stellar performances by everyone in the cast. This movie had SCOPE in a way that stuck with me. Another example of amazing storytelling, from book to film. Loved every second.
  10. To Kill a Mockingbird
    The intro - is it called an overture? - is genius. Atticus is timeless. This is another amazing book to screen adaptation. Obviously I love the book the most, but this film really does it justice. I'm beginning to think I just really like certain stories and when they're portrayed on film in a powerful way, I gush.
  11. Across the Universe
    The Beatles songs mixed in with the stories. LOVE. Favourite moment is when Max and Jude sing "Hey Jude" together.
  12. Moonrise Kingdom
    I feel like I could watch this movie over and over again and still spot something new, a quirk I didn't notice. Wes Anderson is such a talented director, it's unreal. This one's my favourite of his. THE SCOUTS.
  13. Frequencies
    I feel like this one is lesser known. It's on Canadian Netflix and the first time I watched it, I was blown away by what they accomplish with what I think is a low budget. The ideas...the script...the's kind of like Romeo and Juliet but with science and a totally different system where people are divided according to their frequencies (so high frequency people are more in tune with the world and thus more likely to succeed, etc). It's so cool and so genius.