I like simple things. A good book, a quiet morning, a cup of coffee, etc.
  1. I wake up at 8:30 a.m. feeling fully refreshed and awake. Roll over in nice warm sheets and stretch.
  2. Get out of bed after a while in search of coffee. Carefully measure out spoonfuls of Melitta coffee and let it brew, inhaling the rich and sweet scent.
  3. Have a long, hot bath. Spend a ridiculous amount of time washing my hair and face, because there's no need to be anywhere else.
  4. Braid my wet hair and put on a big fluffy bathrobe. Return to kitchen and pour a big mug of coffee with cream.
  5. Return to my room, and put on some Netflix. Spend an hour or so just browsing. I love reading movie descriptions and I also love having enough time to make a fully informed choice when I finally decide on a movie.
  6. Have a delicious brunch around midday: English muffins, more coffee, bacon, the works.
  7. Get dressed in my favourite outfit: since it's a beautiful clear day with a light breeze, I put on a sundress and flats. Sit out on the back deck with a good book, maybe do a few crosswords.
  8. After having an entire morning and early afternoon all to myself with zero rushing, I meet up with some friends for dinner and drinks. We catch a movie and it's the perfect mix of comedy, romance and drama.
  9. Visit a coffee shop after the movie. Order a white hot chocolate with a chai tea bag. Drink it slowly while laughing with friends. Do not feel the pressure to leave immediately after finishing drink.
  10. Get email from professor that says class is cancelled the next day. Go home extremely happy.
  11. Unwind by slipping into comfiest pyjamas and putting on an old favourite movie. Make popcorn and it's just slightly burnt (to perfection).