long title lol srry
  1. Stubbing your toe
    I feel like the agony of stubbing your toe is something you can forget until it happens and suddenly you're begging for mercy
  2. Slivers
    These are not only painful but also hella annoying. Unless you're some Rambo type of super being who can endure pain, digging out a sliver sucks
  3. Coughing with a dry throat
    Picture this: you've had a cold/flu/bug for a couple of days. Your throat is raw despite copious amounts of ginger ale and soup broth. You start coughing and can't stop
  4. Burning your finger on a hot pan or on a curling wand
    The other day, LIKE A FOOL, i was taking cookies out of the oven and almost dropped the pan so I grabbed it with my other hand (I was only wearing one oven mitt, cuz I'm a FOOL). I laughed it off but on the inside I was dead
  5. Wearing shoes that are just slightly too small
    I'm currently in the process of breaking in a pair of shoes that I love but are maybe just maybe a smudge too small for my feet. My mom is a size 6 and I'm a size 7 (they're her shoes) and they hurt my feet something fierce but I am determined
  6. Carrying around a heavy bag for a long time on your arm
    You know when you go shopping and you buy something and it's all fun until you realize you have to lug it around all day now? And it leaves those imprints on your arm? Ya that's what I'm talking about
  7. Paper cuts
    These STING
  8. Getting hand sanitizer or rubbing alcohol on a small cut you didn't even know you had
    And suddenly it feels like you've been drenched in fire