1. Taken on a trip to Disneyworld, the place that I thought couldn't live up to my dreams but then TOTALLY DID.
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  2. Taken on my birthday, coming home to my dorm with my best friend after a Jack Johnson concert. This is also from my favourite pizza place, so all in all it was a very good birthday.
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  3. A snap from my best friend featuring my love miles teller reaffirming his love for me and also for her.
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  4. Notes from Hannah, my little sister. Maybe I'll make a list later of all her notes, because they are all gems. Here is her To-Do list, written for me.
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  5. The pure joy of a sparkler. Also I loved this outfit. I usually dress in black now.
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  6. Here is my dog being an actual baby cocooned in blankets. MY HEART.
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  7. Pictures of Christmas trees always makes me feel all homey and cozy and happy.
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  8. From the Peep Show. Just the scorn and distaste in this moment. I feel it so strongly and love it.
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