Pictures on My Phone That Make Me Happy for Some Reason

  1. Taken on a trip to Disneyworld, the place that I thought couldn't live up to my dreams but then TOTALLY DID.
  2. Taken on my birthday, coming home to my dorm with my best friend after a Jack Johnson concert. This is also from my favourite pizza place, so all in all it was a very good birthday.
  3. A snap from my best friend featuring my love miles teller reaffirming his love for me and also for her.
  4. Notes from Hannah, my little sister. Maybe I'll make a list later of all her notes, because they are all gems. Here is her To-Do list, written for me.
  5. The pure joy of a sparkler. Also I loved this outfit. I usually dress in black now.
  6. Here is my dog being an actual baby cocooned in blankets. MY HEART.
  7. Pictures of Christmas trees always makes me feel all homey and cozy and happy.
  8. From the Peep Show. Just the scorn and distaste in this moment. I feel it so strongly and love it.