1. Her feet
    Yesterday we were on the back deck, tanning, and our feet were side by side and even though I'm a size 7 and she's a size 9, our feet look very similar - same weird veins, freckles, etc.
  2. Her loyalty
    Once we were walking the dogs just as a storm was brewing and all of a sudden it started pouring down, like sleet-style, with whipping winds and trees shaking, and she was holding her dog and I told her to head home, because I was further down the road and she waited for me because "I'm not going to leave you out here!"
  3. Her humour
    She can surprise a laugh out of me when I least expect it. This is perhaps the best part of having a sister - she just gets me, and I get her. She can do the dumbest things and I can't help but laugh.
  4. Late night talks
    She'll just come into my room and we'll lay on my bed and just chat. She has a much more interesting life than me so she'll update me on everything new. I love feeling her trust in me during these talks.
  5. Cruising around town at night
    Tonight we went for a drive in my car and she chose all the music and kicked off her shoes and curled up in the passenger seat and just generally made herself at home. She's so comfortable in her own skin and I'm so in awe of her.
  6. Her eagerness
    She's so willing to DO things, try stuff, lend a hand. She's always in motion, always ready. She doesn't have a lazy bone in her body, unlike me (I am literally a sloth).
  7. Her expressions
    She can say so much without saying a word. I think this is partly because of how long we've known each other and how much time we've spent together. But I can basically read her every thought as it happens just through her facial expressions.
  8. Her ability to laugh at herself
    This is something I marvel at. Even now, at 20, I have difficulty laughing at myself. She doesn't take anything too seriously and she's always down for a joke at her expense. Nothing embarrasses her.
  9. The way she'll always be little to me
    Sometimes she'll fall asleep in my bed, and even though she's 15 now, she still looks so much like the baby we brought home so long ago. She is so young and soft and innocent and I don't think I'll ever stop seeing her that way.
  10. Her individuality
    I LOVE seeing the choices she makes, as she carves out a place for herself, forms an identity. Her favourite music. Her favourite colours. Her favourite foods. It's so cool seeing her become her own person.
  11. Her take-charge attitude
    I've seen glimpses of this and I'm so excited to see what she'll become. She's a leader in so many ways. She's not afraid to step up when it counts and say something. She gets sh*t DONE. It's eternally impressive to me, as I rarely accomplish anything of note and avoid confrontation at all costs.
  12. Her wisdom
    She is cautious and smart and sure of herself and she plays it safe. Her common sense is off the charts. Sometimes I call her paranoid as a joke, because she is more suspicious than the average person. I love this about her because it keeps her safe and alert, unlike me who is often oblivious and only realizes danger when it is too late.
  13. Her neatness
    She is slightly OCD, and everything in her room is (usually) neat and tidy and labelled. Her room is bright and full of light and very clean.