Things About Myself I Would Like to Change

this list is long and rambling and personal and it's all things I have identified as issues within myself and things I want to work on
  1. I am awful at making decisions
    In general, I would like to be more assertive and able to make decisions like an adult. I usually just end up making a mess out of things because I can't say no to anything.
  2. I want to be able to say "No"
    I really struggle with this. I just hate letting anyone down and I always want to be open to anything, but I end up committing to things I don't want and I end up making something really simple REALLY difficult.
  3. I am a very lazy person
    If given the opportunity, I will quickly become a hermit who hisses at sunlight. I love the indoors and I'm very introverted and sometimes I just feel an intense need to retreat from the world, but I need to become more ambitious.
  4. I am sort of antisocial
    See the above. I'm a friendly person but I'm not very sociable. Any introverted person reading this will get what I mean. I am good with close friends, but I don't usually make friends very easily.
  5. Be kinder
    I think kindness is a choice, as in you can always choose to be kind instead of rude. It's a choice you have to make many times a day and sometimes it's hard, especially if you've had a bad day and someone isn't being very cooperative. I want to be a kinder person more regularly.