1. I can type pretty fast
  2. I have over 15,000 posts on Tumblr
    Maybe I shouldn't be as proud of this as I am
  3. I get okay-ish marks at university
    I actually qualified for a scholarship due to my marks last year, which felt pretty good!
  4. I'm a good listener
    I tend to forget things quickly though, but I'm excellent at listening to problems and providing comforting "oh no"s and "oh my god"s
  5. I can touch my toes
    I was never flexible enough to do this until recently. The body is a mystery
  6. I am very good at dealing with criticism
    I think I am, at least. Negative things tend to bounce off me, unless I'm the one who is criticizing myself, in which case I am AWFUL at dealing with criticism.
  7. I tend to write good essays
    Ever since high school I've written tons of essays and I've always managed to get good marks on them, mostly because I love writing.
  8. I know many lyrics to many songs and I am not afraid to sing along if I hear those songs.
  9. I am a big sister and my little sister is pretty cool and I'm proud to be related to her.