But then, what is time except an arbitrary human-made structure? Am I wasting time or is there even any time to waste?
  1. My lipstick
    I will seriously try and perfect my lipstick for at least five to ten minutes. Is this shade too red? Better start over.
  2. Choosing between two items of clothing that are ALMOST identical
    But they're not quite identical. So I must make some hard choices. Do I like the black tshirt with the v neck...or do I like the black tshirt with the SCOOP neck?
  3. Worrying about things I can't change
    This list just got real.
  4. My eyeliner
    Back to the superficial. The cat eye is an art form, I swear.
  5. Social media
    I will spend so much time on Facebook I start to hate myself.
  6. Making to-do lists
    I really only make these lists to avoid the stuff I put on my todo list.
  7. Parking spots
    I will drive around for way longer than necessary while choosing a parking spot to find the "perfect" one. Usually ends up with someone else taking the spot is passed over and me silently regretting my life choices.
  8. Micro analyzing things that people say to me
    He said "fine". Does that mean he is, or is he actually mad? What does it MEAN?