1. Sculptures
    HOW do people make such beautiful and intricate things out of a hunk of stone??? I'm looking at you, Michelangelo.
  2. Space
    I can't even comprehend how big the universe is.
  3. Racism and homophobia
    How does this still exist in 2016???
  4. The ocean
    Think about how deep the ocean is. Think about how many creatures are alive down there. Think about how unknown it is. Crazy.
  5. We've been to Mars.
    Not US, specifically, but robots have. Robots that we made. Super cool.
  6. How old Oxford university is.
    I learnt this year that Oxford has seriously been around forever. Like for over 900 years. Insane.
  7. Before typewriters existed, people used to write things (such as huge novels and plays) with ink and quills.
    How did they not just give up?? I admire both Shakespeare's use of language and his use of patience for writing his plays BY HAND.
  8. The order of the alphabet is completely random.
    Or at least I think it is. I heard this somewhere and it blew my mind. Hence its inclusion on this list.
  9. Pluto and Goofy are both dogs but Pluto is a pet??
    This doesn't really blow my mind but it does confuse me.