Sometimes it's important to just take a few minutes, each day, and take stock of what you've got going for you (versus dwelling on all the forces you feel are conspiring against you).
  1. My family
    This morning, my mom surprised me by making me lunch and bringing it to my room. My dad just dropped me off at school, where I'm writing an exam in two hours. He wished me luck and told me I've got this and also told me to text him after and tell him how it went. These small tokens remind me of how much they care and how grateful I am for my parents.
  2. Tim Hortons
    I'm so glad to live where Tim Hortons exists. I already had two cups of coffee at home so I ordered a steeped tea instead and its providing me with much-needed energy as I prepare for my exam.
  3. My education
    Even though I forget it (a lot) when I'm stressing about essays and exams, I'm very fortunate and blessed to be able to pursue a post secondary education at a good university. Many other people in this world aren't so lucky, and so I am grateful for my opportunities.
  4. Internet
    Thank you, mini Tumblr break, for amusing me with funny text posts.
  5. Sunshine
    Today is a BEAUTIFUL day. My dad and I took the scenic route to school, along the river, and the water was sparkling and the sky was beaming and the sun was shining and I am so grateful for the arrival of spring.
  6. Friends
    I have so many wonderful friends in my life, both old and new, and I'm grateful for all of them, and for the laughter and support they bring to my life.
  7. There's so much more that I'm grateful for...
    But I should probably get back to studying, as I'll be SUPER grateful if I pass this exam with a decent grade.