This reminds me I should get renter's insurance
  1. Computer
    Mainly for my music and pictures. Not to mention I have some really trendy stickers on the front which make me seem way more indie than I actually am.
  2. Nike Air Max Zeros
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    Because like my Dad once told me, swag starts from the ground up.
  3. Michael Kors gold watch
    I'm not always there when you call. But I'm always on time.
  4. My University of Virginia letterman's jacket
  5. Cast Iron Skillet
    You can replace a kitchen, but you can't replace the years of seasoning in that skillet by one of Pittsburgh finest underground chefs, Paul Matthews.
  6. Pittsburgh Marathon Finisher's Medal
    Because how else will people (who don't have Facebook/haven't seen the entire album of pictures I posted) know that I ran a marathon?
  7. If I have time.