These are restaurants that either have a drive thru or could be found connected to a gas station or truck stop. No Chipotle or anything similar on here.
  1. Taco Bell
    The best. Don't argue, just accept.
  2. Taco Cabana
    Texas specific. Homemade tortillas AND some have margaritas and beer.
  3. In N Out
  4. Whataburger
    Again, Texas/South specific. Their ketchup and honey butter is so well received that you can buy it in the holy grail of Texas grocery stores, HEB.
  5. McDonalds
    A classic and the best breakfast under $5. @mindy knows what's up.
  6. Pop Eyes
    Forget the chicken...the biscuits!!! Red beans and rice!!
  7. Chik-Fil-A
    Bad politics, really good chicken sandwich.
  8. Sonic
    So. Many. Drink. Options.
  9. Wendy's
    We used to go there every Friday after middle school let out. ***~**memoriez~**~**
  10. Jack in the Box
    Curly fries. Sourdough Jack. That is all.
  11. Dairy Queen
    Food is meh but ice cream is 👍👍
  12. KFC
    Fine to stop at if there's not a whole lot else, but I won't make a special trip.
  13. Panda Express
    Once a year or so I get a craving for Panda Express. Then I go there and feel like I'm dying for the rest of the day.
  14. Subway
    Everything tastes like cardboard. I don't even think it deserves a place on the list, but some people love it. So, it gets last place.