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  1. Learning the lyrics to "What's the Frequency, Kenneth?"
  2. Searching for Paul McCartney's email address
  3. Posting about my love of Yoo-hoo on bulletin boards
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The bag didn't belong to me... but it does now 😬
  1. Cold smoked sockeye salmon
  2. Organic forest berry yogurt
  3. 1 bottle Boulevard Brewing The Calling IPA
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  1. Italian sausage scramble with caramelized onions and bell peppers
  2. Whole wheat sour cherry chocolate chip scones
  3. Thai tea bread pudding
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  1. Sliding down in my seat so my knees push hard into the seat in front of me is the only way to find the two straps of my seatbelt.
  2. I wonder what's in the very bottom of this seat pocket.
  3. I bet I can fit my laptop and my book in the seat pocket if I use enough force.
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